Dr Willie Stewart is Consultant Neuropathologist and holds honorary Associate Professor status at the University of Glasgow (Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology) and the University of Pennsylvania (Department of Neurosurgery). 

This podcast is a brutal conversation about the realities of brain injury caused by a concussion. 

In this episode, we defined what a concussion actually is and how it is currently tested. We compared Boxing to Rugby and Football and discussed the evidence to show that multiple concussions can have very serious & in some cases life-threatening consequences. 

The episode is hosted by Stevie Ward who is currently suffering the long term effects of concussion and Chris O’Connor who has had a similar experience previously. Both Stevie and Chris found this podcast hard-hitting and scary to learn the science behind brain injury; Something, as a society, we know very little about. 

Is it the employer's responsibility to look after their players? What does the future for testing look like? And how can we ensure protocols are strong enough & adhered to in our amateur games? It’s all in this episode. 

We are committed to starting a conversation around brain injury in sport. Please leave a review and jump into the conversation on our Instagram page.

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